teamteamAccessibility commonly refers to the extent that people with disabilities can use your website and get the information you offer. But it does so much more than that.

The processes used to help people with cognitive, visual, auditory or motor challenges can also help many other users. For instance:

  • Keyboard navigation helps powers users who prefer to use the keyboard to get around your site
  • Captioning helps users that do not have speakers or are working in “quiet” places such as libraries
  • Simplified, consistent website layouts help everyone move around your site easier
  • Making links more noticable and easier to click helps people with age-related challenges such as arthritis and sight problems

By embracing accessibility, you not only connect with more people, you also connect to the heart of the community. Everybody wins.

Let DataCPR show you how you can make your website as well as your electronic systems and documents more accessible.

Randy BassetteAccessibility