teamteamThere is no software program that does everything you require “straight from the box”. Most require customization to make them suit the needs of the company.

DataCPR is an expert at extending and expanding the type of information that your system can store and retrieve. We can develop high-end interactive databases that work with existing data-driven websites and intranets.

We have experience in all the main data application products currently on the market. We are knowledgeable about and experienced in ETL tools that provide seamless data integration across different software programs.

Working with your existing software packages, DataCPR can create programs that will help you:

  • Find important data in a timely manner
  • Ensure data being accessed is current
  • Manipulate data to meet specific company requirements
  • Provide integration solutions that allow sharing of data between different databases and applications
  • Create appropriate reports, charts, graphs without requiring additional software
  • Provide precise and timely information more readily to those who need it
  • Focus on business improvement issues: target marketing, inventory control

The ability to store data in multiple ways and access it quickly is critical to keeping well informed about your business. You need to be confident that the data being accessed and used by process and production managers, financial personnel, executives and Board members are current and totally reliable.

Let DataCPR help position you to compete better in the marketplace.

Randy BassettCustom Application Development