Focus on Value

DataCRP adds value – not costs. All the work we do is measurable. We can quantify for the client what has been done in terms of return on investment.

We had added over $1,000,000 in net value to our customers.


Our Solutions add Considerable Value

Business Areas

DataCPR has had the privilege of serving companies in a range of industries and business areas. We have created significant value for our clients, saving time and money.
Business areas served

Sample Applications and Outcomes

Production Summaries
Detailed views of past production
To Many Levels of Detail
Production Visibility to Future Orders
Cost-saving resource allocation
Effective material planning
Vacation, Sick and Lieu Time Tracker
Simplified system, fewer errors
Saving 40-60 hours a month
Connect Accounting Data to Salesreps
Rapid answers for field staff
Secure communications
Sales Support
Mobile Order Inquiries
Sales staff see Real Time order status
Custom Inventory Inquiry
Real time view of inventory,
securely from anywhere
Production Requirements Module
Saving money on inventory
Welding Planning Module
Saving 4-6 hours a day
in the planning process

Review our Case Studies.

They provide examples of our knowledge base and expertise, and demonstrate the type of creative solutions that produced the required results.

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