• Client had ACCPAC installed and sales reps needed to know the status of their orders. They also needed to know what inventory was available and where.
  • This information needed to be available readily so sales reps could respond quickly to their clients’ inquiries.


  • For information security reasons, the sales reps were not to have direct access to ACCPAC interfaces.
  • The sales reps needed to know the most recent cost of any item, which could be stored in a number of locations within the ACCPAC database.
  • Sales reps needed to be limited to viewing their own orders.
  • Sales managers needed access to their team’s information.


  • Create a tool called “ACCPAC Extensions”.
  • This tool extended the usability of ACCPAC and the secure access to its data.
  • Using web-based interface, a sales order lookup tool was produced which helped sales reps review summaries of all their orders and enabled them to drill down to get detailed information.
  • A web-based inventory inquiry tool was designed which helped the sales reps quickly filter through thousands of items and get real-time information on products.


  • Information look-up or item inquiry in just a few seconds
  • Decreased response time to customer inquiries
  • Decreased calls to call support centre, manufacturing plants and warehouse facilities
  • Web-based application easily distributed and maintained
  • Security of ACCPAC accounting data maintained
Randy BassettCase 2: Extending ACCPAC