• Client was introducing a new product line.
  • The challenge was to get information about the product to the North American sales force.
  • As this was an engineered-to-order product, the sales force needed support with pricing and configuring the product.


  • This was a new product line about which the sales force had little knowledge.
  • Calculating pricing for any configuration of this product was very complicated.
  • This product was very important to the company’s competitive edge in the North American market.


  • Create a web-based configurator of this product line
  • The tool that was developed permitted users to enter a few numbers (such as dimensions) and selected features. It then generated detailed bills of material with pricing, weights and dimensions.
  • Create a dynamic drawing tool
  • This permitted users to see a drawing of the product.
  • The drawing was a perfectly scaled depiction of the product configuration they were specifying, complete with dimensions


  • Product information quickly disseminated to sales reps
  • Drawing tool facilitated education about product line by sales reps
  • Consistent and readily-available pricing minimized calls to plants for quotes
  • Savings on support costs
  • Product line quickly became a success in marketplace
Randy BassettCase 3: New Product Support